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AV A/V Cable/Cord For Sony Handycam Camcorder VMC-15FS

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AV A/V Cable/Cord For Sony Handycam Camcorder VMC-15FS

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  • AV A/V Cable/Cord For Sony Handycam Camcorder VMC-15FS
  • AV A/V Cable/Cord For Sony Handycam Camcorder VMC-15FS


AV A/V Cable/Cord For Sony Handycam Camcorder VMC-15FS


  • High Quality AV / TV Out Video Cable For Sony Camcorders
  • This cable connects your digital camcorder to TV, HDTV, DVD receiver, projector or VCR for audio and video playback
  • Input Connection Type: 10-pin Connector
  • Output Type: One S-Video, One RCA Video and Two RCA Stereo
  • High quality cable:Oxygen Free Copper core
  • High-density double shielding for max rejection of EMI and RFI
  • Cable Length: 5 ft (1.5M) in length
  • Easy to install and use: plug and play
  • Compatible with: Sony Digital Handycam Camcorder
    DCR-DVD908 or DCR-DVD908E
    DCR-DVD905 or DCR-DVD905E
    DCR-DVD808 or DCR-DVD808E
    DCR-DVD805 or DCR-DVD805E
    DCR-DVD708 or DCR-DVD708E
    DCR-DVD755 or DCR-DVD755E
    DCR-DVD705 or DCR-DVD705E
    DCR-DVD608 or DCR-DVD608E
    DCR-DVD605 or DCR-DVD605E
    DCR-DVD505 or DCR-DVD505E
    DCR-DVD405 or DCR-DVD405E
    DCR-DVD404 or DCR-DVD404E
    DCR-DVD205 or DCR-DVD205E
    DCR-DVD204 or DCR-DVD204E
    DCR-DVD105 or DCR-DVD105E
    DCR-DVD101 or DCR-DVD101E
    DCR-DVD201 or DCR-DVD210E
    DCR-DVD202 or DCR-DVD202E
    DCR-DVD203 or DCR-DVD203E
    DCR-DVD304 or DCR-DVD304E
    DCR-DVD403 or DVD-DVD403E
    DCR-DVD91 or DCR-DVD91E
    DCR-DVD92E or DCR-DVD92E
    HDR-HC1 or HDR-HC1E
    DCR- HC16 or DCR-HC16E
    DCR-HC17 or DCR-HC17E
    DCR-HC18 or DCR-HC18E
    DCR-HC19 or DCR-HC19E
    DCR-HC20 or DCR-HC20E
    DCR-HC21 or DCR-HC21E
    DCR-HC22 or DCR-HC22E
    DCR-HC23 or DCR-HC23E
    DCR-HC24 or DCR-HC24E
    DCR-HC26 or DCR-HC26E
    DCR-HC27 or DCR-HC27E
    DCR-HC28 or DCR-HC28E
    DCR-HC30 or DCR-HC30E
    DCR-HC32 or DCR-HC32E
    DCR-HC35 or DCR-HC35E
    DCR-HC36 or DCR-HC36E
    DCR-HC37 or DCR-HC37E
    DCR-HC38 or DCR-HC38E
    DCR-HC39 or DCR-HC39E
    DCR-HC40 or DCR-HC40E
    DCR-HC42 or DCR-HC42E
    DCR-HC44 or DCR-HC44E
    DCR-HC45 or DCR-HC45E
    DCR-HC46 or DCR-HC46E
    DCR-HC47 or DCR-HC47E
    DCR-HC48 or DCR-HC48E
    DCR-HC52 or DCR-HC52E
    DCR-HC62 or DCR-HC62E
    DCR-HC65 or DCR-HC65E
    DCR-HC85 or DCR-HC85E
    DCR-HC88 or DCR-HC88E
    DCR-HC90 or DCR-HC90E
    DCR-HC92 or DCR-HC92E
    DCR-HC94 or DCR-HC94E
    DCR-HC96 or DCR-HC96E
    DCR-HC1000 or DCR-HC1000E
    DCR-PC103 or DCR-PC103E
    DCR-PC105 or DCR-PC105E
    DCR-PC330 or DCR-PC330E
    DCR-PC55 or DCR-PC55/R S W
    DCR-PC53 or DCR-PC53E
    DCR-PC1000 or DCR-PC1000E
    DCR-IP1 or DCR-IP1E
    DCR-IP220 or DCR-IP220E
    DCR-IP55 or DCR-IP55E
    DCR-IP5 or DCR-IP5E
    DCR-IP7 or DCR-IP7E.
    HDR-SR1 or HDR-SR1E
    DCR- SR5 or DCR-SR5E
    DCR- SR7 or DCR-SR7E
    DCR- SR8 or DCR-SR8E
    DCR-SR30 or DCR-SR30E
    DCR- SR32 or DCR-SR32E
    DCR- SR40 or DCR-SR40E
    DCR- SR42 or DCR-SR42E
    DCR- SR45 or DCR-SR45E
    DCR- SR50 or DCR-SR50E
    DCR- SR52 or DCR-SR52E
    DCR- SR60 or DCR-SR60E
    DCR- SR62 or DCR-SR62E
    DCR- SR65 or DCR-SR65E
    DCR- SR70 or DCR-SR70E
    DCR- SR72 or DCR-SR72E
    DCR- SR80 or DCR-SR80E
    DCR- SR82 or DCR-SR82E
    DCR- SR85 or DCR-SR85E
    DCR- SR90 or DCR-SR90E
    DCR-SR92 or DCR-SR92E
    DCR-SR100 or DCR-SR100E
    DCR-SR190 or DCR-SR190E
    DCR-SR200 or DCR-SR200E
    DCR-SR220 or DCR-SR220E
    DCR-SR290 or DCR-SR290E
    DCR-SR300 or DCR-SR300E
    HDR-UX1 or HDR-UX1E
    HDR-UX3 or HDR-UX3E
    HDR-UX5 or HDR-UX5E
    HDR-UX7 or HDR-UX7E.
    HDR-FX7 or HDR-FX7E
    HDR-FX5 or HDR-FX5E
    HDR-SR5 or HDR-SR5E
    DCR-SR45 or DCR-SR45E
    DCR-SR65 or DCR-SR65E
    DCR-SR85 or DCR-SR85E
    DCR-SR220 or DCR-SR220E/SR220D
    HDR-HC9 or HDR-HC9E
    HDR-SR10 or HDR-SR10E
    HDR-SR11 or HDR-SR11E
    HDR-SR12 or HDR-SR12E
    HDR-UX10 or HDR-UX10E
    HDR-UX20 or HDR-UX20E
    DCR-DVD610 or DCR-DVD610E
    DCR-DVD710 or DCR-DVD710E
    DCR-DVD810 or DVD-810E
    DCR-DVD910 or DCR-DVD910E
    HDR-CX12 or HDR-CX12E
    HDR-CX7 or HDR-CX7E
    HDR-CX5 or HDR-CX5E
    HDR-UX20 or HDR-UX20E
    DCR-HC54 or DCR-HC54E
    HDR-SR8 or HDR-SR8E
    HDR-CX6 or HDR-CX6EK

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Condition & Warranty

  • This item is 100% Brand New. Never used. It comes with 3 Months Warranty by Seller.
  • The warranty enables the buyer to receive warranty repair or replacement from the term length described in the sale. Situations NOT covered by this warranty include physical damage to the item (dropping/impact damage, water damage, exposure to extreme heat/cold/pressure, etc), misuse, negligence, normal wear and tear, installation of non-factory software, or any other damage caused by use in a reckless or careless manner. The warranty guarantees the item will be free from manufacturer caused defect for the warranty length stated in this sale. Please contact our customer service team to claim your warranty if and when it should be needed.

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  • Returns without original box will NOT be accepted. Buyers pay return shipping cost.
  • Please make the payment within 7 days after winning the auction.
  • All sales are final. Warranty is provided via advertised warranty provider. Seller will assist with replacement only if item is defective within the warranty conditions.
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  • For Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawaii and Virgin Islands, delivery time is up to 20 business days.
  • Be sure shipping address with payment is correct. Seller CANNOT change the shipping address after payment.

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